20 Hair Dye Hacks You Need to Know About

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With a revival of the ways of ancient Ayurveda, the Natural Hair dye provides for a chemical free hair coloring experience that also adds volume and shine to the hairs restores lustre, while coloring your tresses with the shade of your choice, all at one go. This all amazing hair colour happens to be free from dangerous chemicals like PPD, Ammonia, Hydrogen Peroxide, heavy Metals, Alcohol, Resorcinol, Barium and no other Added Synthetic additives to be precise.

Chemical hair dyes which are high on chemical content are known to cause severe allergic reactions and also results in a number of side effects. The primary symptoms include redness, itching, swelling around eyes or eyelids. But the continuous use of chemical dyes might as well lead to severe damage of the hairs which can ultimately result in baldness, excessive hair loss and damaged and dull hairs. This amazing product causes no damage to the tresses while providing for a completely herbal hair coloring experience.

In the endeavor to ensure best results, here are the 20 hair dye hacks that you need to know about in terms of using the Natural Hair Dye:

Don’t Trust The Color On The Label:

Hair Dye

Before you take your pick with the preferable shade of your choice, it is important to keep in mind that never to trust the shade as featured on the label. Remember, the result will always be a shade lighter than the one given on the label.

Lighter And Darker Shades:

Know the intricacies of the lighter and the darker shades and know when to go lighter and when to go darker in the process of adding color to the tresses.

Buy Two Boxes:

If you have long hairs, it is better to opt for two boxes of the same lot in the process to ensure the same shade.

Use A Plastic Bowl:

In the process of mixing the dye, it is best to mix it in a plastic bowl as using a metal one might oxidize the Natural Hair Dye to change color.

Consider Your Hair Texture:

Hair Dye

Before taking the pick with the right kind of shade, consider your hair texture for the final result depends on the texture and its ability to absorb color.

Choose To Section The Hairs:

For the proper coloration of the hairs, choose to apply the hair dye section wise for best results.

Touch Up The Roots:

Since the roots of our hairs are most porous, therefore choose to just touch up the roots in the process of coloring the hairs.

Let Your Hair Down:

After the application of the Indus Valley hair color, remember to never tie up the hairs. Instead let the hair down for the proper development of the hair color shade.

Add Shampoo:

In case you have really dry hairs then choose to add some shampoo to the leftover dye before touching up the tresses during the application process.

Use Water:

Before you choose to rinse off the hair dye, sprinkle some water over it. This helps the dye to come off easily.

Dampen The Shade:

Hair Dye

In case you are not happy with the result, then you can choose to tweak the result with a deep conditioner that is known to dampen the hair color shade.

Use A Conditioner:

Remember to use a conditioner after you have rinsed off the hair dye.

Opt For A Sulphate Free Shampoo:

To ensure the long lasting effects of the Natural Hair colour it is best to stick to a shampoo that is sulphate free.

Use Coconut Oil For Protection:

In case you are to go for swimming, then remember to use coconut oil as the necessary protection against the salty waters.

Color Plus Conditioner:

Use some color with the conditioner every time you wash your hairs as this helps prevent the dye from fading.

Use Chapstick :

To save your skin from the stubborn stains of the hair dye, remember to use a Chapstick to save your skin.

Comb Your Hairs:

Comb Your Hairs

Choose to comb your hairs before proceeding with the application of the hair dye as it helps to do away with the tangles and thus ensures proper application.

Eye shadow On The Hair Roots:

Use eye shadow on the hair roots before you start with the application of the hair dye.

Never Dye The Eyebrows:

Don’t use the hair dye to color your eyebrows.

Use Beer Rinse:

opt for the beer rinse after you are done with the application   process. Beer rinse helps get you softer, shinier and smoother tresses of amazing volume.

Remember these 20 hacks while using a Natural Hair Dye that ensures best results in the said endeavor.