10 Traits that Make Up The Best Cybersecurity Software

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Understanding that you need cybersecurity software is something that can put you in the hot seat really quickly: there are many choices, and some of them seem to cover things others won’t. How can you know for sure that the platform you choose is going to do exactly what you need it to do?

If you’re looking for the best of the best in such software, you’re going to need a platform that possesses traits like those below. Read on to learn more about how you can ensure you’re getting the best possible cybersecurity solution.

End-to-End Visibility

When there is a threat to contend with, you want to be able to see it. Only one platform in the world has undergone the MITRE ATT&CK evaluation with 100% visibility — SentinelOne. This software not only detects threats in every nook and cranny of a network, but it shows these to users in an end-to-end scope.

Threat Modeling

Reconstructing attacks or performing risk analyses is what helps cybersecurity personnel and products work better. That’s why it’s important to utilize software capable of threat modeling and performing such analyses. By building a more solid expectation of what you’re up against, you’re able to formulate plans of action against cyber attacks as a whole.

Real-Time Analytics

The way that analytics help cybersecurity endeavors is manifold. One of the biggest of these contributions is the fact that certain insights can prove crucial in detection and/or response in the times when a threat appears. However, snapshots can’t help all the time, and in fact, they sometimes become useless by the time an attack is underway. Therefore, it’s best that your analytics of threats and potential issues are provided in real time, so that you can always make the most informed decisions. This makes real-time analytics an extremely crucial and central feature of good cybersecurity solutions.

Attack Contingencies

Any cybersecurity solution or strategy needs to have a backup plan. Not every threat can be stopped at the perimeter, and some do make it past the attack surface — which means that they need to be addressed after the fact. Contingencies in place, such as isolation of a compromised network segment, are essential for any enterprise, since there’s never a guarantee that every single threat can be stopped before entering.

Empowers User Action

Only the best of cybersecurity solutions can offer actionable threat intelligence. While some may have resources that they internalize or offer to the user for their own research, the best softwares do both: they use threat intelligence to inform their automated responses, and they pool it for user consumption and active threat hunting. With such intelligence and threat hunting capabilities, it’s easier than ever to have users think defensively and even offensively against cyber threats.

Contextualized Detections

When looking at the way detections are handled, there’s an evaluation of SentinelOne vs. Crowdstrike that paints a detailed picture. Crowdstrike offers about a third as many analytic detections as SentinelOne does, and SentinelOne even provides far richer context to these detections. Drawing patternized consolidations between dozens of various detected attack steps. Automatic correlations of telemetry make it easier than ever to “think fast” and to gain insights that are crucial to response. As it becomes more and more important to recognize patterns and patternized behaviors of cyber attacks, this type of detection grows more crucial to users actively defending their networks and endpoints.

Automated Response

Because SentinelOne users have the ability to grab contextual insights far surpassing those of other solutions. They also have access to automated responses that can deploy more quickly. The automated responses — and even managed responses a la MDR — make for a stronger sense of security and a knowledge that you don’t have to be awake 24/7 in order for your business to be safe.

Fastest Recovery

In line with those automated responses is a system of automated, quick recovery options that beat out Crowdstrike. Evaluations have shown that Crowdstrike’s recovery method is obsolete. And that the speed with which it happens is subpar for the market today. However, SentinelOne seems to do a far better job of building out automatic. And one-click remediation solutions that include rollback options, to boot.

Easy to Learn

Many platforms are meant for experienced hands, and in cybersecurity especially, that’s often a hard hurdle to get past. Users are now in need of tools they can get their heads around easily. And ones they can master without a steep learning curve. That’s why ease of learning on SentinelOne makes it one very competitive option. Considering that others often have that steep learning curve and, in the case of Crowdstrike, require navigation between several platforms.

Fully and Flexibly Customizable

While Crowdstrike is a cybersecurity software with a flat offering and baseline service, customizations like organizational structure changes require additional payment — while SentinelOne functions at no extra cost for multiple sites and multiple levels of security all at once. This flexibility is even reflected in SentinelOne’s own ability to deploy on cloud native applications. As well as on-premise and hybrid options, something not offered similarly on the cloud-only Crowdstrike platform.


There are numerous traits that SentinelOne has which set it apart from other solutions like Crowstrike. When looking for a cybersecurity solution, you may find that multiple have things you need or want . But when looking for the best, you might as well start looking at SentinelOne, a platform first in its class.

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